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Une journée mondiale de la Poste au cœur de la nouvelle normalité

Graphique : les Etats-Unis à la veille de la saison des fêtes 2020. Cette journée mondiale de la Poste 2020 marque un tournant dans l’histoire postale. En effet, elle s’inscrit à seulement quatre jours du lancement de la saison des fêtes pour les e-marchands du monde entier qui commercialisent aujourd’hui leurs produits sur des plateformes mondiales […]

Covid – Google Trends

Closely monitoring the impact of Coronavirus on online shopping behaviour. In many countries, Covid-19 could well be the greatest accelerator of e-commerce ever. This will challenge postal and logistics companies as never before, particularly in view of this end of the year holiday season. Who is going to deal with the much higher than expected […]

Terminal or original dues: how long will e-shoppers wait until next global postal pricing revolution? (mini-article I)

The postal and logistics industry and the on-going fourth industrial revolution will soon collide. The logistics Internet is still the missing element of this revolution, and logistics will not only become the new sexy, but it will also totally reshape the way we consume and exchange in the next decade. One certainty: today’s postal and […]

Stamp or token? A blockchain for funding a postal revolution

In my previous article, I was introducing the notion of smart investment contracts for development in order to spur much needed funding for critical postal and delivery infrastructure projects all over the world. One of the key advantages of blockchain technologies is to accelerate and smooth complex processes that were usually requiring a trusted third-party, […]

Could Trump save the UPU? (II)

In my last article, I was leaving you with a “saving the planet” call for all key e-commerce delivery stakeholders under the auspices of a new UPU. Today, the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirms that uniting all postal and logistics companies with this noble common goal must be immediately secured should we […]

Could Trump save the Universal Postal Union?

The Universal Postal Union is finally getting the attention it deserves in the news. Unfortunately, the sudden public awareness of its very existence is related to the announcement by the United States of a scheduled withdrawal from the 144 years old organization. However, resolving this first major international postal crisis could bring numerous positive developments […]

Funding a postal revolution (II)

Postal networks in many developing economies are desperately looking for sources of funding a much-needed development catch-up in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Governments often either lack the necessary means or the willingness to invest in the postal and delivery companies of their country. More advanced postal enterprises, who are funding international postal […]

Funding a postal revolution

The annual turnover of cross-border e-commerce exchanges is expected to reach more than a trillion dollars by 2020. Funds available for postal development in developing countries are not even reaching a hundred million dollars today. This means that for every thousand dollars of online sales, less than ten cents of a dollar are today potentially […]

Postal revolution

As highlighted in UPU’s Postal Development Report, postal services are confronted to an unprecedented relevance crisis in spite of being one of the most globally connected and resilient infrastructures in the world. E-commerce couldn’t thrive without them and all of the Amazons and Alibabas would not be able to make their fortune. Warren Buffet once […]

Blockchain: the new future of tracking

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are still controversial. Some perceive them as purely speculative instruments able to feed financial bubbles that will eventually burst and leave many people in tears and companies in shambles. However, those are only special cases of a blockchain, a technology that will soon (if not already) benefit from a consensus […]